What you can imagine...you can create

Welcome....We've been waiting for you....

Welcome aboard a journey toward.

Toward what, you ask?

Toward a different, perhaps better, more fulfilling, enlightened future.

Toward a lighter, more empowered you. Toward the life you were designed to create.

Toward the life that maybe up to now, you’ve only imagined. An extraordinary life.

This journey will be full of surprises. There will be days of total breakthroughs followed by days of utter challenge -- and that's okay.

The journey may begin today but continues thru a lifetime.

Significant, noteworthy movement from point A to B, for whatever point A to B represents for you.

Some of you may ask yourself “How long does this journey take; how can I accomplish what I want in the shortest length of time".

In reality, your journey has already begun the very moment you decided to attend this class.

By opening your mind to “possibility”. What is possible?

Well, that depends on you.

The changes that will begin here will last you a lifetime; refining, creating chaos, challenging new and old belief systems and creating-reinventing yourself daily.

A departure from what came before or an embellishment of something that was in place, often even the most positive change represents upheaval.

The techniques and exercises contained within this course are nothing but a roadmap, a guide for a successful life change.

Not meant to show you an exact way to your destination but rather a purposeful view intended to open your eyes to the world you’ve created and provide a pathway to change.

What you can accomplish by following the techniques taught will be whatever you decide is worthy of your efforts; whatever you make it.

Some of you will set an ordinary, run of the mill goal. Some of you may make that ordinary goal; others won’t.

Some of you will set your sights on becoming extraordinary. Creating a life that exists only in others dreams.

But you will be living it. Some of you may make achieve greatness; others won’t.

My simple advice—Dare something worthy.

You see, the effort to create is just that; effort.

Small or large, doing something every day; creating a new reality, causing chaos in the old reality, to bring your dream within your grasp.

My goal is to help you create the extraordinary and that can be much more simplistic than you may think.

But you will decide what the definition of success is to you?

Is 75%, three fourths of an awesome life, not reaching one quarter of your goals good enough for you?

Whether you create something mundane or reach for the sky is up to you. So choose your path well and hang on…it’s a great ride called life.

Breakthrough to Success is taught in a unique style that allows for direct answers and non-direct subconscious interaction.

The goal of the class is to get your conscious and your subconscious mind working on life’s challenges and lessons.

With that in mind, please understand that 'some' of the messages may not be so easy to understand at first.

That's okay...that's the way the course was designed.

Your mind will work overtime on the words as long as you read them and do the exercises.

The end result is a program that teaches and alters negative patterns of thought at the same time.

Welcome to your first Breakthrough.